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Bioinformatics for biology professionals


Bioinformatics for biology professionals

About this course

Course overviewCandidates get to learn techniques and methods for cutting-edge bioinformatics to understand, evaluate process and interpret biological data focusing on Next-Generation Sequencing platforms, Metagenomics as well as advanced structural bioinformatics techniques towards drug discovery. The course provides extensive hands-on practical experience allowing the candidate build professional skills.

The program offers: Practical understanding of bioinformatics focused on critical areas including Next-Generation Sequencing, Metagenomics, Structural Bioinformatics, and basics of data science. This training will also help the candidate to upgrade their resume with a certificate and an experience letter for the period.

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Learning Objectives

✔ Completely understand the process of NGS data analysis and pipelines                                               ✔ Able to handle metagenomic data analysis
✔ Learn molecular modelling a and earn skills on drug discovery                                                               ✔ Capable of producing high quality figures using python
✔ Gain overall practical experience on biological data handling using tools and databases

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