Diagnostic Services

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OhMyGene, a Molecular Diagnostic initiative of SAGENOME Private Ltd, strives to provide reliable and innovative health care solutions for the well-being of humanity, utilizing genome-based technologies. Through, state-of-the-art lab facilities, top technical human resources, know-how, and knowledge base to analyze genetic variations of customers and with precise scientific data analysis, OhMyGene aims to provide robust, accurate, and meaningful results of genetic predispositions. These DNA and related healthcare tests will provide significant information about important aspects of genetic health. The FDA & EMA approved genetic markers for clinical practice include Cancer Management (tumour markers), Genetic health risks including susceptibility to Cancer, Heart disease & Diabetes; Wellness & Health traits, Personalized Nutrition & Dietary factors, Fitness, Skin & Hair care, Cellular ageing, Allergy, Sensitivity and Infertility management. The Precision Health Care platform offered by OhMyGene, includes the design and optimization of using genome profiles for health care, whether for disease diagnosis, intervention, and/or prognosis.