About the Director

Dr. Anupama Ramachandran, Director with OhMyGene, is also the Managing Director of PRAN fertility and wellness center. She is instrumental in the treatment of patients who are distressed with gynecological and infertility-related complications. Her proficiency and commitment in the field gave her boundless laurels. The prodigious academic, as well as professional achievements, shows the inbuilt perseverance in her. She paced a long way to pursue her passion in ‘high-risk obstetrics and infertility.

Dr. Anupama’s mastery as a medical practitioner is exceedingly recognized by various organizations, offered, in the form of numerous awards and medals like Dr.R K K Thampan Memorial Gold Medal (2006) for the Best paper at AKCOG, Trivandrum for the paper on Endometriosis and infertility- study on reproductive outcome, Dr.V.I.Nalini Memorial award for the best paper at Advances(2006) held at Trivandrum, Best research paper award for Study on reproductive outcome after laparoscopic management of endometriosis is infertility, State conference, IMA, Badagara ( 2009), the Best paper award for the paper on Factors affecting success in IUI protocols – Advances, Trivandrum ( 2007), the Best paper award for paper on pregnancy outcome after lap myomectomy in infertility, IMA National Conference, Trivandrum(2009).

She secured the Gold medal for the paper “Role of lap myomectomy in infertility- Advances’(2009) held at Trivandrum and also for the best poster on a Case of ovarian pregnancy after IVF. In addition to this, she received Marathu Parvathy Amma Endowment Scholarship for best postgraduate student (2004, Medical College Trivandrum). Dr.Anupama, put her varied knowledge-base, in words by being a pioneer, through her first Malayalam book on infertility – Vandhythayum Chikitsayum (Kerala Bhasha Institute, Trivandrum, 2009), and also through the article “Endometrial stromal sarcoma mimicking a myoma” (Fertility sterility Journal, Vol 94, issue 5, p 1744-1746). Lots of articles in leading Malayalam and English journals belong to her credit. She is a regular expert speaker in national and international scientific sessions and on television channels