Center For Disease Genomics

CDG is the advancement of genomic science and its application to drive novel biomedical discoveries.

Investigations & Diagnostic Services

Reliable and innovative health care solutions for the wellbeing of humanity, utilizing genome-based technologies.
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Genomic Research

Genomic Research

The Center for Disease Genomics (CDG) is an independent, not for – profit academic research institution that serves as a multi-institutional hub for genomic research. Leveraging the strengths of SAGENOME in whole-genome sequencing and genomic analysis, the mission of the Center for Disease Genomics is the advancement of genomic science and its application to drive novel biomedical discoveries. CDG’s areas of focus include the development of computational and experimental genomic methods and disease-focused research to better understand the genetic basis of cancer, cardiovascular disease, neurodegenerative disease, and neuropsychiatric disease.Read More...

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Academic Training

Academic Training

Candidates are getting an opportunity to get professionally trained in an industrial research environment routinely handling human samples. Get a documented experience with industrial experts. Our certificate program covers molecular biology techniques including Electrophoresis, genomic DNA extraction, Polymerase Chain Reaction amplification, RNA isolation and characterization, analysis of expression, cDNA synthesis (RT-PCR) and analysis, microarrays and gene chips, and Real-Time-PCR, Next-generation sequencing and bioinformatics.Read More...

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Wellness Services

Wellness Services

SAGENOME offers the ultimate Gene Test for checking Comprehensive Health. Through our analysis, we check the role of the most important Genes in your body linked to over 200 + Health Conditions !. When you decide to get your Genestrology and you find out to have a genetic chance for certain health conditions, you can consult your doctor for the right course of action. Early detection helps to plan life with confidence.Read More...

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Clinical Genetics

Clinical Genetics

If you are looking to invest in your Health, a genetic test is your Best Bet! Personalized Genomics Tests, help predict your genetic predisposition to a health condition. You also get a Custom Gene Report, Genetic Counselling & Solutions to plan your health!Read More...


Our Vision

SAGENOME seeks to revolutionize outcomes of genomic discoveries in medicine, agriculture, environmental science, and biodefense by applying such genomic tools to translational research.

Our Laboratories

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Gene Valley Campus

Off pallimukku - Medical College Road,
Kerala, India - 695024.
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KRIBS - BIONEST, Kerala Technology Innovation Zone (KITZ)BTIC Building, KINFRA Hi-Tech Park, Kalamassery, Kochi, Kerala, India -683503.
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Corporate Office

SAGENOME Pvt Ltd 0-17, Jawahar Nagar, Trivandrum 
Kerala, India - 695003.
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